TLC Driving Courses

When & Where

Manhattan / NYC

210 E 43rd St

New York, NY 10017

We are dedicated to help professional drivers meet their needs in today’s challenging New York City for-hire community.

Andrew Vollo Lead Instructor

TLC Driver Education (24-Hour)

Price $150
Locations: 210 E 43rd St New York, New York 10017

All new applicants must attend a three day twenty-four (24) hour class, consisting of Rules and Regulations, Geography and Passenger Driver Relations. The student Manual is included in the tuition fee.

Courses will be available in April 2019 for your convenience with VTG’s flexible schedule:

You can start your 3 day training on any:

  • Tuesday, Wednesday Thursday, Saturday or Sunday from 9AM – 6:00 PM
  • You can take classes on three consecutive Tuesdays, Wednesdays Thursdays, Saturdays or Sundays or any combination the fits into your personal schedule from 9AM – 5 PM.


Only for TLC Driving Course

Fee: $150

For taking the TLC course $150

Fee: $150

Only for TLC Driver EXAM

Fee: Must schedule with PSI

Walk-ins are accepted


Such training course shall be twenty-four (24) hours, three eight hour days or six half days. It is designed to provide the basic skills for NYC TLC operators to attain the necessary knowledge to successfully, professionally and safely carry out the responsibilities of a TLC operator.

The course shall include the following areas:

  • N.Y.S. DMV Vehicle and Traffic Laws (VTL), N.Y.C. regulations and TLC rules.
  • Geography, including the five (5) boroughs and map usage.
  • Familiarize applicants with TLC’s for-hire transportation industries, Transportation Network Companies (TNC)-apps, For-Hire bases, hails services-Medallion and Green Boro Street Hail Livery (SHL).
  • Taxicab technology and taximeter training, including instruction on the safe use of a taxicab’s GPS application, TPEP and LPEP systems as well as any new technology systems that streamline passenger enhancement programs. Inform students of the importance of the rules governing the use, benefits and safety concerns of electronic hail applications.
  • Instructions on pro-active customer service and professionalism, basic finance, passengers rights, and cultural and passenger sensitivity.
  • Provide students with safe driving practices and reinforce that students have a role as stakeholders in NYC’s “Vision Zero”.
  • Familiarize students with renewal requirements and driver accountability for record maintenance and maintaining a License.
  • Reinforce interaction between drivers, TLC inspectors and other law enforcement personnel.
  • Provide students with the proper procedures to responding to summons-es and the hearings.


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