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36-46 37th Street, Long Island City, NY

We are dedicated to help professional drivers meet their needs in today’s challenging New York City for-hire community.

Andrew Vollo Lead Instructor

Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle Training for Taxi Drivers & Paratransit Drivers

Locations: 36-46 37th Street, Long Island City, NY

The Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle, (WAV) training will introduce students to the Americans With Disability Act of 1990 as well as the Disability Community. It covers the necessary skills and behaviors needed for transporting wheelchairs in WAVs. Familiarize students about safety concerns for passengers, driver and the public, establish regulatory and legal requirements. Provide sensitivity training and communication towards passengers with disabilities. Provides an opportunity for each student to demonstrate appropriate hands-on techniques in securing a passenger in a wheelchair. Familiarize students with the TLC’s Wheelchair Accessible Dispatch system and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) Regulatory Entities Operating Procedures.

VTG also provides WAV “Train the Trainer” Program- contact VTG for details

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