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36-46 37th Street, Long Island City, NY

We are dedicated to help professional drivers meet their needs in today’s challenging New York City for-hire community.

Andrew Vollo Lead Instructor

Taxi Yoga

Locations: 36-46 37th Street, Long Island City, NY


TAXI YOGA was started in 2004 by Andrew Vollo, a long time Taxi professional in New York City who has developed an exercise program for NYC cab drivers. TAXI YOGA combines disciplines from Tai Chi, Yoga, Nei Kung, Feldenkrais, and Western Sports Medicine to address the physical limitations and difficulties faced by today’s professional drivers and office workers. To learn more about Andrew Vollo, read the complete 2002 article in People weekly, “Taxi Charm School NYC”

As stated in the NY Times Andrew Vollo is still “earthy and ethereal in equal measure” and will be teaching the Taxi Yoga at his new school, VTG. TAXI YOGA classes are accessible to all people concerned with or suffering from health issues caused by sitting for prolonged periods of time. “If anyone needs yoga its’ cabbies” In the words of a long time cabbie, Thomas Lowery, “We’re out there 12 hours a day…. sitting like a pretzel in a tin can.

A 2008 study of New York cabdrivers conducted jointly by the National Institute of Occupational Health and the New York Taxi Workers Alliance found that three-quarters of drivers suffered back pain, more than half had neck pain, and substantial numbers had sore heels, knees and feet. With the typical workweek about 60 hours — 60 sedentary hours — more than half the drivers are overweight.

Mr. NYC stated “I can’t think of a more stressful job in this town than riding a cab. Traffic. Airports. Crazy passengers. Lousy tips. Sitting on your tuchus for twelve hours at a time has got to be tough on your back. Not to mention that you don’t have much time to eat healthy. It’s a tough job”.

“That’s why it’s fascinating to hear about a yoga class that’s meant exclusively for cabbies. It’s a really brilliant idea. I know for myself — who spends most of my days sitting and staring into a computer screen — that yoga is a welcome relief. It really relaxes my mind and gets the kinks of daily life out of my body. In my own yoga class we have some cops and pretty tough looking guys so yoga is no longer for women or pansies — it’s for everybody”!

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