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VTG Institute – Andrew Vollo

I have been a fixture in the New York City taxi and limousine industry for some 40 years. I started in the industry driving medallion taxicabs and limousines, doing so on-and-off for some 40 years. I still hold a TLC hack license, No. 258519, issued to him in 1974.

I am well known, for my experience in training others to drive taxicabs. Until 2014, I ran the New York City Taxi and FHV Driver Institute at LaGuardia Community College for 16 years. For the last 12 years, before I left, I was the director of the Institute. Before then, I was the assistant director and started as a continuing education instructor in 1984, when the Institute first opened.

I have sponsored, hosted and facilitated free English Conversation groups in conjunction with We Are New York Project/N.Y.C. Mayor’s Office of Immigrant Affairs to assist taxi drivers with English language skills.

I have partnered with Immigrant Health and Cancer Disparities Service, Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center’s health fair, “Step On It,” enabling and outreaching to provide health screenings to nearly 500 taxi drivers.

I have created, and currently teach “Taxi Yoga,” an exercise program combining Tai Chi, Yoga, Nei Kung, Feldenkrais and Western Sports Medicine to address physical challenges faced by today’s professional drivers and office workers.

I’m always innovating and searching for ways to improve the safety and well being of For-Hire Vehicle drivers, during my 16 years running the Institute; I partnered with a number of organizations, and acquired a number of specialized training designations. I’m a certified In-Service Training Coordinator, Defensive Driving Instructor and Wheelchair Accessible Vehicle (WAV) train the trainer.

Over the years, I have also worked closely with the TLC.  I have consulted with the agency in the conception, design and implementation of many driver training programs, helping to graduate professional drivers who are both educated and actively engaged in street safety.  I firmly believe in training TLC-licensed drivers to share the streets of the City in the safest manner possible.  By persuading these drivers to alter bad behaviors, and by making them fully cognizant that they are key pieces of the street mosaic, they can help make New York City’s streets the world’s safest.

I have worked as a FHV consultant and Industry Representative enabling professional drivers to keep up with the fast pace of NYC’s changing environment.

I am a co-founder of Total Compliance Solutions (TCS; tcshub.com), an innovative web-based application for bases that curates, aggregates and tracks licensing data for TLC-licensed drivers and vehicles.

I’m well aware of students’ concerns and anxieties about learning enough to pass the TLC’s E-exam.   Over my decades of training TLC drivers, I helped hundreds of thousands of TLC drivers obtain and keep their TLC license, my focus goes way beyond just passing the official TLC exam I’m determined to help students meet their professional needs and earn a good living in today’s challenging New York City for-hire community.

I’m looking forward to share with you what I have to offer.


Note: Your application is valid for 90 days you must complete all requirements within 90 days. The TLC allows those who need additional time to study or get the application and requirement fees to attend the 24-Hour training before you apply for a TLC License. The 24- Hour class is valid for one year.

You need a New York State DMV class E Chauffeurs Drivers license.  If you need to upgrade go to: https://dmv.ny.gov/

An A, B or C New York State DMV license is also acceptable.

If from another State you need a similar class license accompanied by an abstract of your license from that State.

A NYS Defensive Driving Class if you haven’t taken one in the last 3 years. https://training.ntsionline.com/newntsisite/epaycorpclass.asp?CourseID=112&ProductLine=TrafficSchool&Client=NTSINY&Agency=Y&COID=2962

The computerized exam consists of 80-question multiple-choice questions. You must answer 56 out of 80 question correct, a 70% or higher grade in order to pass. This is a pass/fail test your grade doesn’t matter.

TLC rules and regulations, Vision Zero, geography, safe driving skills, traffic rules, customer service and WAV and Wheelchair Accessible Dispatch system. Note: The WAV 3- hour training is in addition to the 24-Hour training.

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